The Mayor

The Mayor's Moustache.

'"This meeting should be about my moustache. It's awesome. Meeting adjourned."
-The Mayor, on climate change.

The Mayor is the man in charge of Ersatzton and has been for the past 20 years. It has been rumoured that The Mayor founded the town, when asked, The Mayor proceeds to laugh and jump into a nearby river.
The are currently no documents that discuss how the Mayor gained political power.
The Mayor's name remains a mystery, some believe his first name is infact "The" and his last name is "Mayor", this has yet to be disproved.
The Mayor lives a large building that he calls the "Council Offices" in Middle Town , despite the fact no council exists as the Mayor believes:
"I like the idea, but frankly they'd get in the way of progress."

The Mayor is voiced by Daniel Roberts


The Mayor lacks most aspects of sense and instead substitutes this with his carefree attitude.
Few find The Mayor someone to laugh with, however, as it scares them to think that he is in charge.
Many try not to think about it.


  • The Mayor is the only unannounced main character to star in Edmund & Darrell.
  • The only character (so far) to have previously featured in CartoonK and 'Edmund and Darrel'
    First Mayor

    Orignal Mayor design

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