Front Cover2

The second edition cover.

"The Floating Island" is the first (and only) episode of RUM which is currently being created.


Wobbleboots, a tramp and wannabe-pirate, finds a map that has fallen from the sky. The then goes off to show two mercenaries the map in order to brag, however the two mercenaries chase after him and try to beat him up.
The two mercenaries are attacked by Ronni Lockett, who introduces himself to Wobbleboots.
When Wobbleboots get's up, he finds that the map is missing - Ronni claims he saw one of the mercenaries run off with it.
Upon trying to catch him, one of the mercenaries (the ogre) apologises and offers himself as assistance, he also reveals that his name is Talbot, and that his passion is poetry.

The comic then goes to an airship, where a mysterious swine demands that the map should be found.

The comic then returns to the group, where Talbot takes the two to his home, and there they sleep.

The comic goes ten years into the past, where a knight has killed the King of Swine (who had been the ruler of Myrillia). However, his sword bursts into an unbearable bright blue light.
The knight wakes up to find his brother, Ogi (who he clearly dislikes). The knight gets out of bed and explains the Ogi that the next day, he will become king. The Knight then goes to rest.

We return to the present where two assassins are tracking down the map. They then see the group screaming at them and begin advancing.
The group go up to the roof, where the assassins catch up with them. The group then jumps down from the tall building and lands into a nearby river.
Exhausted from the fight, the group settle in a forest next to town, hiding from the assassins, however the Crimson Eye ambush them, and Talbot reveals that he was really being paid by the Crimson Eye to delivery them.

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