Ronni and his trusty mop. Never seen apart.

"So, are you like a cowboy or somethin'?"
-Ronni, RUM

Ronni James Lockett is a 15 year old pub cleaner who appears as a main character in RUM. After saving Wobbleboots from an attack, he proceeded to follow him and assist in the hunt for the fallen treasure map.
Ronni, though he doesn't really know it, is an expert at combat, especially when armed with his mop which makes up for his otherwise clueless nature.


Ronni is beyond clueless about almost any situation he is faced with. Instead of seeing danger, he see's an adventure and a chance to grow friendship. Ronni trusts everyone he meets, for good or for worse. Despite his stupidity, his naive optimism frequently brings joy to the group, in any situation.


  • Ronni has never frowned. Once.

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