No one quite knows how he got his beret...

"Could you leave me alone now? Thursday is hammock day!"
-Regi, The Party

Regi is a frog like loafer who spends most of his time busking and "making executive decisions".

Regi fails to own his own home, as he is too lazy to earn any money. Instead, Regi sleeps where ever he can find a dry spot.

Regi claims to be rastafarian, but doesn't really know what the word means.

Frequently Regi squeezes his way into events that he otherwise wouldn't be invited to.
Regi doesn't work at Truffles Co., he just sort of hangs around there. He claims that if he didn't: it would "upset the Gaia ".


Regi tries to be a nice guy, but it's usually just to schmooze money out of someone. Regi just likes to go with the flow, live and let live - but in the easiest way possible.

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