"Why is there a Carrot Cake Wiki?"
The Carrot Cake Wiki is here simply to inform and enlighten. It also helps me keep track of ideas and plot lines!

"I searched something, and nothing has come up, why?"
The Wiki is growing, but we can only make so many pages in so much time.
We are trying to make sure that you get what you want when you search it, try rephrasing.

"There's a lot of junk on this Wiki..."
Exactly. Even the little things deserve writing about!

"Can I add things to the Wiki that are missing?"
By all means! So long as you're sure it's true, go right ahead.

"There's a spelling mistake there..."
Don't ask anyone, fix it!

"Why are there lots of adds? Are you selling out?"
No, not at all. Wikia is a free service, and get money from advertisements.
You can get rid of them by signing up to the site.

"What happens to vandalism?"
The Computer that the user came from will be banned from editing.

"I want to edit something, but I'm not sure it's right..."
Don't hesitate to ask! We're trying to make this as good as possible, so we'd love to hear from you!

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