"I hired Malaco to sort out all of our tax problems!"

-The Mayor, Town Meeting

Ersatzton is a town where most of Carrot Cake Studio's characters and stories take place.
The town sits on a tiny planet carried inside a snail that is known only as "Snail".
The town is under control of The Mayor, whatever he says goes. The are currently no documents that discuss how the Mayor gained political power.

Middle TownEdit

Middle town is a subdivision of Ersatzton where "Edmund & Darrell" takes place. It is a quiet area that resembles more of a village.
For more info, see the page "Middle Town "


  • "Ersatz" is German litterally meaning "replacement". This is a mis-name as creator, Louis Durrant, believed that Ersatz instead meant "fake".
    Regardless, the name makes relative sense as it could be portrayed that Ersatzton is a replacement town allowing the audiance to engage in an act of escapism, forgetting about their current life.
    Of course, this is mostly nonsense.

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