"Aw, sweet!"
-Edmund, Coffee Break

Edmund is one of the two main character to star in the up coming internet series "Edmund & Darrell ".
After educating from Ersatzton University, Edmund got a job at "Truffles Co. " in Middle Town. Despite this, Edmund still finds himself living with his best friend, Darrell, in a rented house on top of a hill in Middle Town .
Edmund is voiced by Theo Durrant.


Edmund, although often making bad mistakes, is far from unintelligent - he merely lacks common sense. Edmund frequently finds himself in awkward social situations and struggles handeling them, due to his awkward nature.
Despite this, Edmund is optomistic, and often finds something to laugh about in almost all situations.


  • Edmund was designed in about 5 seconds as a quick sketch, his personality proved so strong it was kept.
  • Has an apparent fondness for mints and coffee.

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