"Totally worth it..."

-Darrell, The Party

Darrell is one of the two main character to star in the up coming internet series "Edmund & Darrell".
Completely self taught, Darrell found himself being hired as a computer programmer at a very young age. Darrell now lives with his best friend Edmund in Middle Town.
Darrell spends most of his time huddled next to the computer, working or lazying about.
Darrell appears dog like, but has human tendencies and green fur.

Darell is voiced by Louis Durrant


Darrell tries to be polite and mannered albeit sarcastic and cynical, though he knows right and wrong he often retains an "Ah Screw it," philosophy.
Darrell frequently gets annoyed with Edmund's attempts at being cool or his strange ideas, but regardless appreciates his care free attitude as something to admire and laugh with.


  • Darrell was initially designed as a stout monster with an under bite, much like Talbot from RUM.

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