Just before Bon Bon gets BBed.

"A Performance" is an animation by Louis Durrant made in 2010.
The animation was created for Manchester University's Animation 10.
The animation won "KS3 Individual".
The animation was made in a three week period, and is 1 minute long.


Monsieur Bon Bon flicks up a light switch and begins a performance. However, his rabbit side kick, Jean Lapin, begins to sabotage this performance through various tricks.
In the end, the camera zooms out to reveal that he is in fact in an empty room. Bon Bon sighs and closes the lid of his suitcase.


In the version that was entered into Animation 11, words appeared throughout demonstrating what a performance must be, hence the name.

Whilst making the animation, Louis listened to all three Beatles Anthology albums (each over 2 hours long), twice.

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