We could learn alot from Pete.

"I just though I'd go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Thanks for asking guys."

Pete, or as he has been known, "Genuinely Nice" Pete is a simple guy, yet he looks on at life as something great.

For a long time, people thought Pete was trying to hide something, but after years of being disproved, they realised that he is just, genuinely nice.

Pete has never committed a crime, and gives most of his money to charity. In his spare time, he enjoys sitting down and talking with Dennis - often unaware it's a waste of his time. Pete also enjoys going to the shops and having small walks around the town. Sometimes he just looks up into the sky, and smiles.

It's often said that there's something nice about everyone, well, Pete is entirely nice.


Pete has no bad intentions, instead he's just nice. Everything impresses Pete, and everyone is his friend. He's just happy to be alive.

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